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** In most cases up to 90% of the debt can be written off with an IVA. The amount written off will depend on your circumstances, levels between 30% and 90% are realistic.

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Coronavirus, debt and stress

So far, due to the coronavirus pandemic, there have been almost 500,000 redundancies in the UK alone. Debt is a very common problem for people living with mental health problems. Both in line with one another, debt can cause mental health problems. And mental health problems cause debt (see below the cycle of debt).

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Most people at some point in their life will have to tackle events that may, unfortunately, trigger money worries.

This can be a reduction in work hours, long-term or short-term illness’ or even big life changes like starting a family can easily put a strain on finances.

Dealing With Bailiffs

When people are living in debt, commonly the biggest fear they seem to have is answering the door to be greeted by bailiffs. The thought of having a bailiff break into your home to take property is a terrifying thought, yet unrealistic at the same time. They are not actually allowed to do this.