What to do if I can't pay council tax debt?

There can be serious consequences if you can't pay your council tax arrears, this is why they are treated as a priority debt. Around a quarter of local authority incomes in England, Scotland and Wales are made up of council tax. Most households have to pay council tax, however, the amount paid is based on factors such as age, income, tenants living with you and the value of your home. Local authorities often act quickly if council tax payments are missed as they are given extra legal power to collect them. As a result of this, Bailiffs (or Sheriffs in Scotland) could be visiting your property. This is why council tax arrears are treated as a priority debt. If you have missed council tax payments or you are struggling to pay them, you need to get free debt help now before further action is taken. Council Tax Helper offer free debt advice and can put you on that road to recovery! Call us on 0800 088 2303 to speak to one of our advisers or fill in our quick and simple form to request a call back.  

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