Am I entitled to council tax reduction and relief?

You may qualify for council tax relief, which is a way to reduce your council tax bill if:

  • If you live on your own, you're entitled to a 25% 'single person discount'. Also, some people are not counted when working out council tax. If you live with an apprentice, a full time student or a person who is significantly mentally impaired you may still qualify for a 25% discount.
  • You may qualify for a reduction of your council tax if you're on a low income. This is where your council tax bill is reduced based on your financial income. Local authorities have different thresholds for who qualifies.
  • You will get an extra council tax reduction if you are above pension age.
  • You may also qualify to have your council tax reduced by one band if somebody in your household is disabled and the property has been adapted.

You need to ensure that you let your local authority know if your circumstances change go they can send you an updated bill.

If you do receive help and are still struggling to keep up with your payments, this could be a sign of a further debt problem. You need to get free, impartial debt advice. All of our advisers at Council Tax Helper are fully trained and solely focused on offering debt advice. Call us on 0800 088 2303 or fill out our quick and simple form to request a call back.

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