Restrictions Of An Debt Relief Order

A DRO places certain restrictions on you, as follows:

If you wish to obtain credit of £500 or more, either alone or jointly with another person, you must first tell the lender that you are subject to a DRO. This restriction applies to borrowing money, and also to getting credit by acting with the intention of getting it, even though you have not entered into a specific agreement for it. This would include, for example, ordering goods without requesting credit but then failing to pay for the goods when they are delivered.

If you carry on a business (directly or indirectly) in a name that is different from the name under which you were granted a DRO, you must first tell all those with whom you do business the name under which you were granted a DRO.

You may not be involved (directly or indirectly) with the promotion, management or formation of a limited company, and may not act as a company director, without the court’s permission

You will not be eligible to apply for a DRO again for 6 years.

Apply for an overdraft without telling your bank or building society about your DRO

You are permitted to open a new bank or building society account after the granting of a DRO. However, the bank or building society may require you to disclose that you are the subject of a DRO. It may then decide whether or not to permit you to open an account, and whether to impose any conditions or restrictions on the use of the account. You must also tell the bank or building society that you are subject to a DRO before you apply for any overdraft facilities. Also, if you are subject to a DRO you must not write cheques that are likely to be dishonoured.

If, when enquiring into your affairs, the official receiver decides that you have been dishonest before or during your DRO or that you are otherwise to blame for your position, they may apply to the court for a DRRO. The court may make an order against you for between 2 and 15 years, and this order will mean you continue to be subject to the restrictions of a DRO.

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