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The #moneymatterspodcast brought to you by Jonny Bentley!
The podcast brings you financial and personal hardship stories, as well as methods to counteract these difficult life moments. Many of the interviews are informative, personal and engaging.

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Jonny meets mortgage advisor Daniel Jackson


This interview is with Daniel Jackson, a self-employed mortgage advisor. Daniel has experienced a crazy year in the housing market and, as a current home-owner and former renter, he is able to offer an insight into both sides of the buying vs renting debate. This video was recorded in August.
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Jonny meets pensions expert and football agent Nick Cassidy


This interview is with Nick Cassidy. Nick is a qualified expert in pensions and law. He is also a football agent for a variety of players across England. In this piece, there will be a focus on the current pension system and some insight into the financial troubles that footballer can face.
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Jonny meets James from The Big Step


This interview is with James, a former gambling addict, who overcame his demons and decided that he wanted to help others that suffer like he did.
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Jonny meets James from Curry on the Street


This interview is with James, a man suffered from homelessness and addiction. James is the founder of Curry on the Street ― a group that seeks to provide food, bedding and comfort to homeless people across Pendle, East Lancashire
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Jonny meets Mick from Church on the Street


This interview is with Mick, the pastor, who has gone out of his way to help those suffering from mental health and financial hardship.
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Jonny meets Mental Health expert Gav Melling 29:45

This interview is with Gav Melling, the leader of Men’s Den. Men’s Den is a local group that is aimed at tackling mental health in men. He provides a safe space for men to talk about their problems and socialise. Jonny and Gav try to break down why so many men feel this way.

Jonny talks to financial educator Alan Morahan


This is Alan Morahan, managing director at Punter Southall Aspire (PSA). PSA is a company that specialises in savings and pension advice. They want to change the way people think about their money, stressing the importance of financial education. This video was recorded in April. I know! This was also in the early stages of Jonny’s orthodontic treatment.