DRO Affect On My Credit File

How long does a DRO stay on your credit report?

A DRO will impact your credit record for a period of six years. This is because your credit report looks back over the past six years of your borrowing history. A DRO will therefore impact future credit applications. When you apply for credit, companies look at your credit information to decide whether to lend to you. Learn more about how you can access your free report Here it will give you an idea of how companies see you, and how likely they are to approve your applications.

If you have a DRO and wish to apply for credit of £500 or more, you must inform the lender of your DRO.

Do You Qualify?

Roughly how much unsecured debts do you currently have?

Less Than £6,000
£6,000 - £10,000
£10,000 - £20,000
More Than £20,000

What is your current employment status?

Full-time employment
Part-time employment
Looking for work

What country do you live in?

Northern Ireland

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Debt Relief Order - Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a DRO updated or removed from my report?

You can’t get a DRO removed from your report. However, you can check your report to make sure your DRO has been updated as ‘discharged’ after the DRO period (usually 12 months) is up. If it hasn’t, please tell us. You can also check to make sure that all the accounts that were included in your DRO are marked as satisfied or partially settled. If not, you should contact the relevant company. If you need help, ask us to raise a query with them on your behalf.

Your credit rating is likely to improve in the short term once the DRO and any individual defaults are marked as cleared, and in the medium term as they get older. Some companies will rate your most recent credit history more highly than events that took place several years ago. However, some companies may also have a policy whereby they refuse applicants that have a default on their credit report regardless of how old it is and whether it has been paid or not.

Additionally, if the reason for you defaulting was the result of something out of your control – such as losing your job or a serious illness – you might benefit from explaining this on your credit report. Simply send a statement of up to 200 words the relevant Credit Reference Agencies. Known as a notice of correction, companies will see this when they check your report in the future and should factor it into their decision. 

How can I improve my score after a DRO?

This will take time and patience however, it can be done. Reviewing your credit report regularly can help you keep track of your finances better. Making sure it provides an accurate and up-to-date picture of your credit history will ensure you’re painting the right picture. If you o find anything that needs correcting, contact the relevant lender and ask for an amendment – You can also raise any queries. It’s worth checking the smallest details are correct like the way your name and address is recorded, as this can have a significant impact.


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